How to get a tattoo from me:

The best and easiest way is to come by the shop. Consulting about tattoo work through email or over the phone is very hard for me and I try to avoid it when possible. If you're coming from out of town or state then I'm willing to try. But if at all possible, please just come see me for price quotes, appointment setting and tattoo planning.

Pussycat takes a $40 deposit for all appointments, and you can only make deposits in person. If you have a deposit on file with me for continuing work, you can simply call the shop any time to set up the next appointment. For appointment setting always contact the shop as they keep the appointment books up to date and know more about my availability than me. I'm in the shop Wednesday to Saturday every week but if I'm not there someone is always able to help you.

If you have other questions that I didn't answer, definitely email me or call Pussycat.